What is the best way to end a date?

The question says it all. But what if she doesn't want to kiss, how should I end a Date generally so that she'll be willing to go out again?


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  • Yeah a kiss isn't always that'll way to but most if my 1st dates have ended in a kiss only one didn't but that one ended with a hug just try not to be awkward. Look for them to look at your lips that's the ticket I think.


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  • I think a hug is nice.

  • Hands say a lot. Squeeze her hand, just don't break it.
    Or give her a warm hug, not too close to seem like you're going to..., then stand back and touch her lightly on the cheek towards the side of her face, or a little more back with your fingers on partly on her ear and just barely brushing her neck. (You probably know where it is by instinct). Brief look searching in her eyes, or a kind and happy one will do. Or after the hug and stand back just barely place your fingers under her chin and just barely tilt it up and give her a brief yet meaningful look in the eyes. (The meaning depends on you, put your heart into it - NOT your other body part!) ;-)
    Or if you're too shy skip the hug part.
    Practice the look in the mirror.
    Eyes are everything when it comes to dating. Smiles or hands are next.
    Hand on the back is good too, comes off as protective. Just don't go for the butt!
    Uh-oh, too much free advice.

    • thanks... so if I don't kiss her it doesn't mean that the dated ended badly right?

    • Right! Of course not!
      Maybe you're meeting for the first time. You don't usually kiss someone the very first time you meet them. Unless you both have an instant crush, or you knew them a little bit before the date.

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  • Make her kneel in front of a chair or small table. Put her head on the table. Move her hair away from her neck. Take out your best sword and tell her "I hereby declare you undatable. Do you have any last words?". Then chop her head off before she is able to speak.


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