Do I have a chance with her?

There's this girl I like, she's year 13 at school. I'm year 12. I'm friends with her friends and she's only 6 months older than me. When I see her she always puts on a big smile and says hey before I can even open my mouth. We have a few laughs and stuff. However I'm worried she might only see me in a maternal sort of way as she is year 13. When I talked to her on facebook she replied with long messages with exclamation marks and all that but then all of a sudden she stopped. She had seen my message and kept coming online afterwards but didn't reply. Could she be testing me to see if I am desperate to talk to her or could she be busy, or what do you think? Help is much appreciated
Years are like Grades. I'm 17 in year 12. She's 17 in year 13
And forget the maternal thing. I don't know what I was on about


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  • I misread your post at first hahaha.

    There would be some sort of explanation for it, she may just be busy and read your message quickly and was going to reply back to you but simply forgot to. Give it a few days and if you still haven't heard back from her when you see her next just ask her about it.

    • Ok thankyou

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    • I find that relationship where you are friends first and then boyfriend / girlfriend actually work out better than if you are strangers first but that's just in my opinion.

    • Probably true

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  • You could always try. Some of my guy friends are also half year younger than me, but honestly, that she didn't message back is a little bit suspicious. I would talk to her in real life and not through Facebook.

    • What do you mean by suspicious? Like she's showing that were just friends. Or she's busy?

    • Well ahe could be busy, but it could also be she really wasn't feeling like talking to you and got a bit annoyed. I do the same sometimes. Solution, stop talking through Facebook. In my opinion, social media is not a good way to make intimate relationships. Social media is only good to give information.

    • Yeah good idea

  • maybe she was just busy, and i am sure she doesn't look at you like a mother.
    why did you fake your age here

    study hard

    • I didn't fake my age. In New Zealand that's how the schooling system works. You leave school after year 13. When you're around 18

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    • speak to her tomorrow...
      read up the newspaper... you will definitely find something interesting

  • I think maybe she's not interested in u as before. Just I think


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  • don't be so absurd over the one year difference! Such little difference in age is almost nothing when you start to talk about a 5-10 years age-difference then it might be something to worry about!

    • Yeah but at school it's different

    • not it's not... you and your surrounding just makes a huge deal about something so small... i was in school too.. my girlfriend was from the 12th when i was in the 11th.. of course i got jerks saying they didn't like that, but the solution is to give no fucks about what others think of you and your personal actions and decisions

  • If you're twelve you don't belong here!


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