Why do I over analyse when it comes to woman?

The only time I over analyse to the point when it has gone too far is when it comes to woman. For example when ever i start to getting to know a women to get into a romantic relationship, I tend to worry and panic a lot. I never use to be like this.

At the moment i met a woman whi is 6 years older than I am, we getting to know each other so nothing serious yet, we have been out once and planning on going out this weekend. leading up to now she asked if we could do something last week when i phoned to schedual for this weekend. I declined all the days she mentioned because i was very busy last week all week. Then after that she seemed very short with texting and didn't pick up when i tried to phone her to see how she was doing. last week she did say she is looking forward to this Saturday. I know she just started her new job 2 weeks ago so maybe she has just been really busy, i don't know. but my main concern is why do I over think it when i declined her plans with me because i was busy and now worrying she thinks i am not interested.

Could anyone please shed some light on my over thinking when it comes to woman


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What Girls Said 1

  • Everyone over thinks things! She probably did the same when you was busy... Just send her a message and let her know you'd love a chat, say you fee like it's been a while, if she's short ask her why? Ask her if Sunday is still on and make sure you tell her you're looking forward to it M


What Guys Said 1

  • All humans over think on some specific topics..
    Especially sex and intimacy
    So you're not alone
    And literally all humans do over think
    And she's 6 years older than you
    So if you're looking for a relationship forget about it


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