Middle eastern westernized guys would date an asian girl?

I met a regular north american guy who was born in the middle east, then england for early teen years, then came to north america. No accent, completely acts like a north american guy. He's a catch - tall, tennis build, educated, nice looking, kinda well-bred. Sharp, chill, funny but not a clown.

I'm north american of chinese descent with small asian eyes, small boobs, not a bombshell, more cute. I saw that because it's the opposite of the typical middle eastern girl who I think has large eyes and more voluptuous figures.

I've never liked a middle eastern guy before.

Middle eastern guys and asian girls don't often seem to be together. Middle eastern guys seems to date middle eastern girls mostly...whereas asian girls date asians and caucasians mostly.

Isn't it rare that a middle eastern guy would want to date an asian girl that isn't super hot? It's not common right?

Leaving religion out of it. I just mean, racially, culturally, when they're both regular north americans.

It's not a big deal, we never dated.

We both were likely mutually intrigued/interested in each other.

It was just a first for me to like a middle eastern guy and a nice first and I was just a little surprised he would like me. :)
It's all good guys. Basically, Asian girls aren't typically into middle eastern guys and I think vice versa.

I think all I wanted to hear were instances where people knew of middle eatern guy/asian girl dating :)

So basically, we're not that into each other, but otherwise I would have totally gone for it. He was quite the catch. Mentalities were incompatible (he=high achiever, perfectionist, hard working grad school mentality, me=not like that anymore)
I'm so over this dude/possibility now haha. Appreciate everyone's responses :)


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  • sure I'd date one...if They didn't live 3000 miles away. Or maybe even if they did.

    I was born, muslim, now I'm sorta Islamo-budhist-christian-jewish... I just take the bad stuff out

    of all the religions and do the good things- mainly...


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  • a guy from middle east? there are like 10 or more country with this area with totally different cultures, different looks, different languages, different interests !( some of them are really like Asians! ) but generally a guy who grown up in this area, they like white girls, i mean white like, blonde hair, blue or green eyes. and about Asians ( i know Chinese , Japaneses, Thais and... are different in look) when i see one of them i don't feel any thing, and i think they are not attracted in us too. this is just my idea.

  • hey I already have a girlfriend, but if you want to be friends...wink.

  • I'm a middle eastern type...small asian chicks are cute.

    • Would you date one? would you go out (more serious) with one?

      can I ask what your religion is out of curiousity?

  • well to each his own

    but if ur talking about religion then its a whole different ball park

    it depends what type of middle east guy he is

    if he's arabic-christian then he's all in

    but if he's arabic-islamic then he might not actually see anything serious

    but I know many middle east guys who wouldn't date within their country or w.e. and want something new

    btw tennis build? never heard of it

    • Swimmers build = broad shoulders, tapered waist, tall, muscular but not bulky

      tennis build = same but leaner

      interesting about the arab christian thing.

    • Some arabic muslim guys would be serious about it but mostly in general. muslim guys who date most likely aren't going to be serious whether she's middle eastern as well, indian, american or whatever!

    • Why do you make that assumption rdabby?

  • Yes I would easily

  • Go for him if you feel he's interested in you. don't let the race or other things in your way.

    do what you think make you happy.

  • Absolutely yes : )

  • just curious but why aren't you like that anymore?

    • I think in college you are younger, more eager to be the best you can be as society defines it (education, job/status, body, achivement). Then you work for 10 years and you just want to enjoy life in a more relaxed, less challenging way, for me anyways. I have a status job now but I want a boring 9 to 5 'lesser' job because I don't want to be so challenged/stressed at work anymore. I'm ok with half ass efforts in hobbies. This dude videos himself tennis and uploads so people can critique, he can improve.

    • So basically I'm happy w who I am and have my pride. I don't think his lifestyle/goals/mentality is better than mine, it's how he is happy in life. But I don't think he could 100% respect how I see life and do things. And I would feel self conscious. Not less proud, but self-conscious.

      For example, my ex was a doctor. He is better 'on paper' than this guy. But his mentality was kinda slacker like me. I just wouldn't be mentally comfortable w this middle eastern guy.

  • Your problem is that your thinking too much about race.

    This always bugs me about ethnic minority people. My advise is if you want to know if this guy will go out with you then start giving him googoo eyes, come onto him, flirt, whatever. Do that thing you girls do when you want a man to want you.

    If your worried about what your family will think (this seems common amongst ethnic minorities with parents who brought their backwards racial thinking with them) then let them know that your an American, and Americans have rights and do things certain ways.


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  • Race shouldn't be an issue, especially in today's society. I understand your family might have some qualms about you dating someone from outside your race (I should know), but this is about your happiness, not theirs. Don't assume that just because he's middle eastern that he'll only go for middle eastern girls. Every guy is different and has his own preference. I know that a lot of middle eastern guys go for middle eastern girls, but there are always exceptions.

    Every guy has his own definition of "hot". Just because your boobs and eyes aren't big, doesn't mean you're not hot. Every girl has her own features that define her beauty. If he doesn't appreciate your features, then it's his loss. There will always be other guys who will find you beautiful.

    I actually went on a date with an Indian guy. He's a Sikh, but he's not too serious about it. He shaved off his beard and hair, so yeah. We haven't been able to follow up on that date though- school's been getting in the way. But as long as you two are attracted to each other and are interested in each other, nothing should hold you back from going forward with each other.

    • The small eyes/small boobs thing wasn't a self put down at all. I just meant, the beauty ideal in the middle eastern cultures is different than for asians. I'm happy w me.

      i think most asian guys woudln't be into a super voluptuous middle eastern jlo type figure at all. but I think a middle eastern could more easily go for a petite asian. that was more my point.

      and actually, I've been told I'm hot hehe, but only when I work it, which is normal dressing for most girls.

  • I have to say this is very steriotypical. while it is true that people tend to like people that they were raised to like, and most don't tend to go out of their social norm, we cannot assume that all people of a certain race were raised the same way. For example, it may be true that middle easterners like the girls you described because they were raised around them, but you cannot assume that all middle easterners were raised in that setting and thus that they all like the same type of girls. you have already told us that he was raised in the middle east, england, and then north america so you have to assume that he has been exposed to different cultures, so he will drift from what you might think is the norm.

    aside from that, why would you be concerned with wether or not it is normal or common? if you both like each other, why should you question it? You say your both "regular North americans" but your questioning this relationship based on you histories, do you feel like you should only be attracted to "asians and caucasians"?

    I think if you like him, then race shouldn't be an issue, and you shouldn't worry about stepping out of the norms.

  • I'm not a guy but I've known middle-eastern guys who've dated asian girls.

    HINT: It's not all about the race/looks :)

  • am so happy for you that you didn't date him, because I PROMISE YOU that most middle eastern guys are into middle eastern girls, lIKE 99% OF THEM.

    and when they mess with other girls its just because they want to hit it or just for fun. DOnt mess

    with an middle eastern guy! and they are soooo over protactive, GEZZZZ

    • I hear ya cause I've seen an example of it (its such bs!!!) but I would hate to generalize. but I think it is wise to be cautious in unfamiliar territory.

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    • Lol I don't bleam you Rdabby

    • @rdabby hey not all middle eastern guys are like this! i mean i am half french and half arab but i really dont want to date or marry a arab girl. and no not all of us are over protective!!!

  • I'm also north-american asian female but I've had middle eastern guys check me out. I think it depends on the person.

  • Beats me. No idea if middle-eastern guys date asian girls. But as an asian-american girl, I *CAN* say that typically, we don't talk about dating middle-eastern guys for 2 reasons:

    1. never really thought about it and

    2. there aren't that many middle eastern guys where I'm from. let's just say I was raised in middle america and most guys that I've encountered have been lily white. I didn't even meet many asians until high school.

    I don't think race should factor in a person's dating choice. I'm a firm believer in picking the individual rather than that individual's ethnicity. That said, typically when asians date/marry outside the group, it's usually with white guys. I don't know why that is. Other people have different opinions but my opinion is it's because there are more white guys.

    For every 10 white guys I meet, I will maybe meet 1 asian guy if you catch my drift. And in my entire lifetime, I've known/spoken to 3 middle eastern guys to any extent and none of them are friends. I mean seriously, you can't toss a ball without hitting a white dude but you'd have to SERIOUSLY search to find a middle-eastern guy (yes I realize that depends on where in the U.S. you live).