Im supposed to see a girl tomorrow should I expect sex?

we've texted for about 2 weeks now I got her number off tinder. We've both sent flirty texts, as well as general questions about each other. She brought up sex the other day, even asked me when the last time I had sex was.. I asked her in return and she said "its been awhile"... At one point she mentioned she lives with roomates, but said that they are cool.. Also, she won't tease me with any pics because then I wouldn't be able to "explore" her.. (although I do have her on FB) Should I be expecting sex? Guys/ Girls what would you think in this scenario? Thanks


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  • It really depends I met my boyfriend on tinder and went into it totally expecting sex but he instead just wanted to take me out and spoil me which was great! Where are you guys planning on meeting? Do you have plans to do drinks or dinner first? All depends.
    I talked about tons of sexual things with my boyfriend and that's still not how it worked so it really just depends!

    • Yeah we're meeting abit after lunch so I was guna ask if she wanted to grab a bite... Not trying to do what you're boyfriend did lol. Im expecting sex based on our convo, but its common courtesy to sit and talk, and build chemistry on the first date... but im trying to seal the deal

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    • Message me instead.

    • I dont follow you so i can't

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  • hmmm to me it seems she DOES hint at that. u'll know for sure when you see her, the way she acts, and overall what the situation leads to :P. if it happens it happens, get a condom just incase lol :D


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  • well, you won't go hungry tomorrow if you skip supper :P your still going to be eating lol


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