Dating in your 40's after divorce?

met this guy on line...exchanged several emails over a couple of weeks before we met. Now, we've been dating for about 6 weeks...we have great sex, but how do I know he's really in to me and it's not just the sex? And no we don't have sex every time we are together.


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  • if he doesn't pressure you for sex every time you're together, and he takes you on dates, that's a good indication that he's interested in more than sex.


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  • If he is seeing you and it is not always about sex, that is a good first indicator. Beyond that it is about the little things. Does he remember things you mention or does he constantly seem to have not heard a thing you said. Like if you mentioned you don't like Chinese food and he suggests going for Chinese food at some other time. Or you mention you have something you need to do on a certain night and later he asks if you want to get together that night. I have to say without a doubt, when a guy is in to you he almost religiously remembers all the little things you say.

    Also, if you mention something that is important to you and he really respects it. I had always avoided telling boyfriends how much I love to get flowers but I was finally given good advice that it would be no surprise then that I did not get flowers from my partner. So, about a month or so into dating my last boyfriend, we were talking and I did mention how I know it seems so cliche but I love to get flowers, no matter whether they came from a garden or the store or were delivered. Guess what, he was in to me, and he brought me flowers on our very next date and continue to bring them here and there, just out of the blue.

    I had another guy I dated for a few months and I should have paid attention, but later it was so noticeable that he did not respect my wishes because he regularly ignored them in order to meet his own needs. A guy who is in to you would not do this. If it was something he really could not agree with he would discuss it with you, not just ignore you and do what he wanted.

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