When will I stop seeing everybody go ahead of me with meeting their "soulmate" & finally meet mine. I feel I waited long enough & I deserve it?

I just feel numb, now I see everybody has find that one & I haven't sometimes I need a good friend & theirs no one to be found


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  • Sometimes I wonder about it too, but everyone is not equal. Karma/goals from previous life, raising environment, our own goals/expectations, etc. make their own adjustments to our life. Some write: you have to stop looking for "encounter", then "encounter" will find you. Others: do you put an effort in searching? Controversy. About friends - they are fleeting. I had a friend for ~5 years, still we parted our ways. Another one for ~ 7 years. We parted our ways again. I started to question myself: what is a "friend"? What do I seek from a such relationship?
    Can I have someone with similar interests for some time? Sure.
    Can I have someone for whole my life, life-long friend? Probably.
    Can I meet a "soulmate"? I don't know, but I believe.
    Want to look at, laugh, and explore this world together? Not forever, but at least for some time?


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  • You just have to give it time! It will happen when you least expect it =]


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