Was this guy purposely being a jerk?

Ok i have a weird quesotin about a particular situation- I go on a lot of online dates, with jerks online.. nothing new. Many are rude to me or just crazy- I've noticed lately that many just seem to not want me to have a good time or gain something from the thing we go to. Like, if they see im happy they'll try to do something to mess with it. I recently went to see a comedy show with a famous comedian. So far, the date was nice- he wasn't a jerk and seemed ok. The opening act, he was acting normal, laughing normally. But then when the main comic came out, he changed a little. first, he was sort of touching shoulders with me and i nicely asked if he couldn't- b/c obviously it was annoying. Then, when the comic started, this guy just laughed like crazy but it was a really abnormal weird laugh- and it was just ONE tone.. like it was fake and so weird. he kept laughing like this, every 20 secs--forced and fake. THe laugh was so distracting and awful I cudnt focus on the show and really was getting dizzy...

i was pretty shocked... the people next to me were loud but they were laughing naturally... not playing a game. it seems he was aware that his laugh was bothering me and he was doing it on purpose. it was ruining my exp and i said if i dont say something im going to suffer this whole show. finally, i said something to him, but i was really nice and polite.. and then he went silent.. and didn't laugh again. finally i was happy- it seems he didn't want me to be happy.. i tried being nice and he was cold rude--then he said "well guess i made u MISERABLE" and he was being a jerk.. i said no no that's ok.. then he said i can't LAUGH during a comedy show, crazy. then he began asking me for ticket money rudely, and said "i dont even know if ur telling the truth about urself" cuz i told him i made about 1000 a day- i think maybe he got jealous. I've been to lots of comedy shows never dealt with aynthing like this before but have dealt with guys being jerks this way


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  • Yes, he was being a jerk.

    • but why.. i mean what would these losers gain to be rude to a date? he def was.. its just so strange.. it seems he just wanted to ruin my experience and make me upset or miserable.. then say "he made me miserable" which is what he did.. its crazy

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