Why did these guys still end up paying even when I ask them out on a date?

Well I'm fair in the way that I think whoever is asking out on the first date is the one paying. I have already asked out these 3 guys (2 in the past and 1 recently) and was to pay the entire dining bill but they still pay some; either half or more.

Guy 1: The bill was $20 and he still paid $10.
Guy 2: Red Lobster with the bill being $42 and he paid $28.
Guy 3: The bill was $30 and he paid $20
Don't guys like being asked out at a restaurant, esp a good one and the girl willing to pay it all?


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  • Truth is, we want to know that you're willing to pay. So, you at least offer but, the real thing is, we always pay. That's just how it is

    • Besides, you already did enough by asking him out, let him pay, ya know?

    • I did but feel a bit bad. I won't make it that expensive next time.

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  • It's just being a gentleman. Pay for the second date if you want but let them have the first one it's just polite. I let them pay for the first and pay for the second.

    • True. Since they still wanted to pay, I let them but I just felt a bit bad for taking them to an expensive restaurant, esp guy 2.

    • It's ego. Don't mess with it especially if you asked him out let him pay just make sure you offer and are prepared to if he allows.

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  • Well it sounds they are just trying to help since they didn't take the whole bill. If anything my suggestion would be to keep offering to pay, even get the money out for the bill and if he insists on paying then let him. At least you are making the extra effort as opposed to "saying" you will cover it. It's not like you are ducking into the bathroom when the bill comes. (a little extreme I know but it just came to mind.)

  • did they pay... ONLY wot they eat?

  • because when a guy whants to show the girl that he likes her or to show that he whants to take care of you


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