Where to go on a FUN second date when I don't have my license?

Me and this girl went to the movies last friday and it wasn't that good, but we worked it out and I talk to her more and she texts me a lot, and I was gonna ask her out for this weekend.

Neither of us have our licenses and I wanna know a fun place we can hang out and meet and have access to restaurants and stuff.

Maybe the mall, but it might be kinda boring. So I don't know.

Your opinions?

And btw, we both know we like each other and I wanna just step it up and make something huge happen, maybe like kiss and hold hands,

IS that ok on the second date if we both know we like each other?


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  • A fun second date would be to go to a carnival or an amusement park .


What Guys Said 1

  • Well I don't know where you're from so I don't know where to suggest. I would say go out to eat or find a nice cafe somewhere, but if you do that be prepared to talk. A cafe would be better. If it's one of the ones that don't have a lot of light in them, and hascouches where the two of you can sit together and be up close and personal, then that would be great. If you have a Jillian's or Dave and Buster's in your area then check that out. Stay away from the mall unless it has those last two places I just named.

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