I'm a good looking guy but I can't make the first move?

I'm not saying this to sound arrogant but generally most girls find me attractive or at the very least above average (The lowest I'm rated by girls in my school who I ask is a 7) normally but the problem is despite this I'm still super shy when it comes to making first moves so how can I get girls to make the first move on me?


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  • Good luck, most girls won't make the first move.


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  • Ya heard it here 1st, you ain't good looking then if those girls aren't all over you (Don't take that at face value) meaning that you should have at least around 5-15 girls trying to do whatever it takes to get to know you. They'll do and say some of the stupidest crap around just so that you'll respond to them while hoping that you'll flirt with them/befriend them ^_^. Girls will make the 1st move more than you think if they see someone "Worth thirsting" over in their minds LOL


    But hell If you truly are above average, you can say almost anything that isn't a curse word to those girls and they'll respond. Since they've been waiting for that day LOL #Done

    • So hey use your so called LOOKS that you may or may not have to your advanatge when it comes to the chicks. It's no secret that good looking people can get away with a lot of stuff in this deparment LOL

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    • I can tell ya stories if ya want LOL

    • You'd be surprised at what girls will do in middle - HS to get your attention and number HAHAH

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  • Why anonymous then hmm fishy


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  • Girls will most likely not make the first move on you. You are under 18 and few people are confident enough to make a real approach on a girl they like. This will get better for sure as you'll get older. As for now, I'd recommend you to develop a certain mindset :
    If it works out with her, it does, if not, is doesn't. What I'm trying to say is that you need to lower your expectations. Do not expect to win her over because you've flirted with her one single time. This is a process. And keep in mind that she won't kill you if she doesn't like you. Fear nothing, do everything. That's my advice.

    • I forgot one thing : Persistence ! Lots of girls will reject you just because they were not in the right mood. If you get to know a new girl and she rejects you, think like this : At least, I know that she exists. Come back to her later and try it again ! There is nothing to lose !!!

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