Guys, wondering what to do about texting this guy?

So I've been talking to this guy online for about 2 weeks... we finally met last night (he was on vacation most of last week). The date went well... we were out for 2 hours, good conversation, and we hugged goodbye. He texted me before I even got home and we talked for a while before bed.

I haven't ent heard from him today, which is kind of in characteristic. He usually texts all the time and he typically initiates it. I did send a snapchat earlier which I know he viewed. Should I wait for him to text or should I try to text?


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  • You could give it a day or two, and then it wouldn't be a big deal to just text him and say you're just saying hello and hope he's doing well.

    After that, if you don't hear from him, then, you know... And also, if a week or two goes by and there's no peep, only to get a text from him out of nowhere, where he says he's been busy, then you know he's full of bullshit and I would delete his text and have nothing to do with him.

    Meeting people online is very frustrating. You can meet people who seem great and act very interested in you, even going as far as telling you what a wonderful time they had meeting you, only to suddenly disappear, which usually means someone else caught their eye and they are now wanting to see where that goes. It's very annoying and hurtful, but it happens all the time.

    Like I said, wait a day or two, then maybe drop him a quick line saying hello, but beyond that, I'd just let it go.


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  • Oooohhhh... the classic debate on whether you should risk looking needy or if you risk looking like you don't care. I would let the day pass and wait till tomorrow because you want to give off the impression that you aren't desperate because a day isn't that long (I know it seems long when you're always texting). Wait till tomorrow and then greet him how you think appropriately because you don't want him to think that he is the one being desperate by always starting a conversation with you... I hope that made sense. Just my view on the situation. Hope this was somewhat helpful!

  • always give it 24 hours thats it then move


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