Girls, should I text her back in this scenario?

So there is this really beautiful single mom, her daughter and my daughter are in the same kindergarten class. We have chatted a few times in their school and I could feel there was some attraction, but we both were in different relationships at the time. About three weeks ago she invited my daughter to go to her daughter's birthday party, my daughter was with me that weekend so I brought her over. There we chatted for a bit and I noticed she would casually touch my arm every once in a while, she also told me she was not longer in a relationship. That day before I left I asked her if we could get together for drinks sometime, she said yes. I said ok I'll text you to set something up, she said sure. We hugged and said goodbye. The following Thursday (Last Thursday), I texted her and said: "Hi Lisa, this is Rob. I forgot this weekend is the marathon and I'm going to be running. Are you going to be available next Saturday to go out for those drinks?" "Hi Rob, I'm glad you texted!!! Next Saturday may actually work. This weekend I'm actually going to be at the shore. I'll touch base with you next week" "Nice, have a fantastic time at the beach" "Thanks" On Sunday I texted her: "Happy Mother's day" "Thanks Rob!!!" Now, I'm not sure if since she said she would touch base with me this week that means she would be texting me. I don't want to come off too needy. Do you girls think she is waiting for me to reach out to her again or she actually meant that she would contact me? Thanks !
Update: I followed your advice and texted her yesterday. Just asked how her weekend was. She didn't respond. This proves my theory that nobody will ever understand women. Not even if you are part of that gender!
Update 2: Based only on your recommendations I texted her again: "Hey Lisa, this is Rob. I hope all is well! Just checking in to see if you'll be available to meet for drinks this weekend"
No response...
On her defense, she is a very attractive woman, and now that she is single I'm pretty sure she is swarmed with texts and phone calls from guys all around the planet 😆


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  • To play it safe, text her every now and again because she might actually be busy or get annoyed if it`s too frequent. A reply is always a good sign and a stream of replies is even better if you can get casual conversation started without trying too hard.

    You should just act like you always have when you see her, if you have good conversation in person then something must be good. Invite her to things you think she would enjoy every now and again so she doesn`t think you`re disinterested.

    • Yeah, I texted her last night and just asked how her stay at the beach was. No reply. Awesome. Moving on...

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  • In you scenario she seems very fond of you. In the way she texts you i can really see she likes you. I would suggest to text her through the week and ask how was her weekend been and is she available the up coming weekend. Girls really likes to be texted first. When she said she would touch base with you it is only her way of saying something back. Maybe she feels that she doesn't want to come off too needy.

  • Maybe suggest it to her again, but don't be to pushy. Say something like, "hey Lisa you still free for Saturday?" And if she either doesn't respond or seems like she's not up for it, let her take it from there. Again, don't be too pushy. I hope your relationship works out.

  • Honestly I say text her and say that you are going out for drinks Saturday and would like her to come... make sure t

    • I agree just make sure she meets you there and to have some friends come meet you 15min after you're supposed to meet for two reasons

      1. If she does shpw up it makes it seem more casual

      2. If she doesn't then it's not a wasted day/night you still get a guys day/night out of it

  • Definitely text her. She is waiting for you too take it further and if you are going to keep it low she will lose interest. But also don't forget not to be too clingy to early. Good luck?

  • She could just be busy. Never know try in a few days


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