He used to call me everyday, or text me sometimes, now it's maybe 2 or 3 times a week, should I worry?

OK, so let me give you a brief history on us. We have dated since June of this year, before that we knew each other over a year, I met him when I dated one of his friends for like 3 months and he and his girlfriend at the time hung out with me and my now ex all the time. I never knew he even thought of me as anything but a friend. Even after my ex and I broke up, my guy now and I remained friends, message each other every once in a while, talk about fishing or camping or hunting or whatever. Every once and a while he would call just to say what's up or ask if I would be in town or tell me something that was going on I should go to. Again I never thought he liked me, just thought we were buddies. I honestly never looked at him like that, I mean he was kinda attractive to me, but I just really liked hanging out with him more than anything. Well finally we met up this spring and hung out, just as friends but one night it changed, and he told me he had liked me all along. During the first month or two he called me every day maybe 2 or 3 times, and even text messaged me just to let me know I was on his mind. We started hanging out more and eventually it became a relationship. Cool, even in the beginning of the relationship, he was awesome calling and making sure I knew I mattered to him in little ways. We talked for hours sometimes about anything and everything. Then it started getting less and less, now mind you I stay at his house every weekend from Friday night to Monday morning. We still hang out, talk or whatever, but I have issues with how he used to be more affectionate, used to touch me more, he just seemed to be excited more to hear my voice, see me and spend time with me. Now it has waned a bit and I am confused. We were such great friends before, and we still have an Awesome time together when we are together. I know he gets plenty of time with his buddies cause he has Monday through Thurs to hang with them, not to mention they all like me and think I am cool so we all hang out together most of the time. Actually he and I have very little time for just the two of us. Should I worry about the now change in his attention or is this just the normal course of events even for a GREAT relationship. I wanted it to stay exciting, and keep getting the calls and messages. It made me feel good and well won me over to fall for him. Why change something that is good in the relationship after a few months?


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  • Basically, it sounds like the "honeymoon" phase of the relationship is over. It typically lasts about 3-6 months before things settle down into more of a routine. I wouldn't worry very much if the only thing that's changed is some of the passion has faded, that's what normally happens. As long as you two still enjoy each others company and time together then everything is great. If you want to hear from him more during the week why not take the initiative and call/text him?

    • I do, but I guess I just wish all the wondeful things guys do in the beginning didn't change! If they won the girl that way shouldn't it stay that way? I love hearing his voice and knowing I am on his mind, it makes me feel good, and confident in our relationship.

    • The guy way of thinking is "I have the girl, I don't need to win her over anymore". It's unfortunate, but that's how it goes most of the time.

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