Is it normal for a taken guy to hang out alone with a girl that's a friend?

I know this one guy, he has a girlfriend, he says he is in love with her, he sees his future with her, and actually they were friends before they were an item. But he has another friend that is a girl that he has been friends with for six years a lot longer than his girlfriend, and at times she comes to his place to hang out and they go for coffee, and his girlfriend knows about it at the last minute. His girlfriend caught them calling each other babe, or baby, or sweetheart. He said he would stop saying it. At one point way before he had this girlfriend, when they were really drunk they had a a very small moment, but that's it. They say they have known each other for six years, and she has a boyfriend herself. Is this normal? Does this guy and this girl have something for each other but have a hard time admitting?


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  • Thats most likely the answer, is that they have something for each other and they just can't admit it. Six years is a very long time and some feelings beyond that of a friend I'm sure have manifested themselves in both of them for eachother. Its somewhat normal that they would hang out because there are a few friends who do do that sort of thing but usually don't call each other babe, baby, or sweetheart.


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