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I met the guy online almost 2months we started snapchatting and texting, well we both snapchatted each other all the day for a month which is more than ether of us has ever done before. So we decided we should meet… While we were talking I found out he just got out of a 7 year relationship with this girl who cheated him a month before we started talking… So I told myself not to get to close because he probably was just playing the field…. well we meet and I swear there was an instant connection between us that both of us felt. We did have sex that first night but after I went home we were talking on the phone and he was making future references about is and things I even made the comment about well your the one newly single I am sure you want to play the field and he said no not really…. well it went on and we seen each other 3 more times and each time it felt amazing like I knew him forever and I don't know there was this amazing connection between us…. I thought everything was going great and then a few days ago he stopped texting me and snapchatting me the way he was like maybe once day and he would wait a long time to respond back to my msgs. So I asked him to call me and he did and I asked him what was up and he said the he was really starting to get feelings for me and he wasn’t ready for that because he was really hurt by this other girl and doesn’t want to be hurt again and so he thought he would just start backing off and he thinks I’m an amazing girl but he just is scared of getting hurt and everything was moving really fast…. well I texted. Texted Him the next morning and I told him that I thought he was a great guy someone I could be friends with and would like to stay friends like hang out sometimes and text every once in awhile or something and that I told myself in the beginning to not let my emotions get caught up in him (what can I say you were just irrestible)…and he texted back thanks for understanding and that he thinks I’m a great girl.. wifey material and of
Course we could be friends (at the very least) and how I had such a good heart and he had no idea he was making my mind wander and how I was feeling. I wrote him back that of course I wandered because I really liked him... and if he needed to talk I was here... then I saw on the news something happened in his area so I texted him to make sure he was alright... he never responded and he has t wrote me all day long today at all... I am scared that he is going to just forget about me
I really like this guy and I have not felt this way about someone in 6 years since I was 18. Normally I am able to just let it go and go back on the site again but I find myself talking to these guys and wanting to cry because I don't want to talk to them I want to talk to him... and I know i feel stupid because I haven't known him that long but i really have never felt so connected to someone.


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  • hmm I don't know. questions like these are hard. he's probably not completely over his ex and ready to let her go yet


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  • Wow... thats overwhelming. But maybe if u wait he will eventually be ready for you.

  • I think my math exam went pretty bad.


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