How can a guy be confident when he's had no success with women?

I really don't know what to do.


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  • Your confidence shouldn't be based on how many women you've been with...

    • I have been rejected countless times. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough.

    • A woman's confidence shouldn't be based on whether she looks good... it is what it is and there are legitimate reasons for both insecurities. It's harder to pretend they don't exist when they don't effect you but what the asker is feeling is fairly normal, plenty of guys feel like this.

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  • so wot? u r not alone brooooo 8)


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  • Evaluate things you are doing with regards to dating and meeting women and ask friends or family what they think. Hire a dating coach, or try things out of your comfort zone. If you want it you have to make it happen. Maybe you're too picky or have unrealistic expectations? Most importantly though remember that not all women are rejecting you because it's you, sometimes it has nothing to do with you but rather what they are going through in their own lives.


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