Not sure about things with girl if I have a chance with her or not?

i meet her at the gym and have talked to her a couple times and find her really attractive and she seems nice . she's new to town and her for work and doesn't really appear to know a lot of people around here yet. but she's really good looking and i've seen other guys check her out but they haven't really tried to talk to her or seemed to made as much of an impact as i did. but i'm honestly not sure if i have a chance with her or not. she might just find me annoying and want to work out without me buging her or she likes me and she just wants to be friends or she does find me interesting and consider dating me? but i have such a poor feel for what she wants even after talking to her i'm not sure what to do


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  • Just ask her out.


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  • whoa dude... better relax... don't tlak 2 her often, coz she might consider u clingy and annoyin u know... ;-)


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