This guy got mad because a random guy was checking me out?

We were outside smoking and this random guy was checking me out. the guy I was smoking with said what's up to him in a serious voice. They didn't even know each otherX The guy never replied and walked away angry. Then he continued talking to me and looking at me like he needed to say something but hesitated. This has happened to many times before. I will be with a man and another man will look at me and men will say hi to him. I don't get it


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  • Animal instincts in action. Assuming dominance etc. It should be fairly obvious if you think about it. We are just animals in complex tribes.

    • I'm not his girlfriend to protect

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    • Thank you. You were actually extremely helpful

    • You are welcome, glad to help :)

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  • The guy you were with was insecure.

    • I guess
      Why would he do that though?

    • I just answered that question he was insecure and was uncomfortable about some other dude finding you attractive. He himself probably liked you. A lot of guys don't understand scaring off other dudes is not their job that's a fathers job.

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  • Its just the guys "staking their claim" basically. I wouldn't worry about it, if it bothers you say something to him or ask why he does it

  • sounds like he likes you


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