Would you respect and or like a guy more if he does not ask you out if you know he likes you?

So you know this guy and when you first met you got along well, you liked him and you could see he liked you. You thought he would ask you to hang out, but he doesn't. You ask for his number instead before you depart ways. He then texts you every so often when you send him a message and replys.

Would you be annoyed if he asked you for your number straight away after first meeting? Or would you prefer he hold back since he is the type of guy to go asking for girls numbers?


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  • Respect him? I respect everyone. Unless he did something morally wrong I wouldn't lose respect.

    If he didn't ask for my number or find a way to sray in touch with me, I would think he's not interested in taking things further and would write him off. Unless I could tell he did, then maybe I'd wait a bit and see where things go.


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  • i'd say this dude... is very hasty basically 8)


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  • Ask for her number, and text her more than when she texts you! Don't make her feel it's all one sided.. Out your fair share of work in! Organise meeting up even if it's something as original as the movies or as simple as watching a movie at yours

  • If a guy did that to me I would've probably already let him go. He doesn't seem interested at all and I'm waisting my time and hopes here.

  • I wouldn't respect him if he can't approach me.


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