My Long distance boyfriend possibly cheating on me?

Me and my long distance boyfriend have been together for a little over 11 months recently he was at a festival a music one and he met this girl named allison there, he has been texting her ever since, couple days ago he wanted me to stay home from school cause he was sad about something i told him no and he said " well i will call allison I just can't be alone right now" so i got mad and ended up staying home, he said she's hot and that he likes her but doesn't want a new relationship cause he loves him. Lately when we fall asleep on the phone together i hear his phone go off constantly throughout the night i heard him typing as well so i asked him the next day if he got enough sleep cause he seemed to be texting all night and he said he wasn't texting that it was probably his fan so i just let it slide. just last night he and i were gonna fall asleep together but he said his sis needed help and would be right back, hour later still nothing but i heard his phone go off and possibly texting so i thought he finally returned so i called his name and no respond, so i felt stupid for staying on the phone so i just hang up. He tells me constantly girls are hitting on him left and right. He also took my name off his Instagram bio and a pic of me. So i asked him why and he replied with " i dunno maybe nikki did it" so i thought a girl got hands on his instagram and deleated it. I didn't really believe it cause he never put my name back.


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  • Leave him!


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  • His excuses are lame and it's obvious that he doesn't treat your relationship as a real relationship. He did emotionally cheat on you the moment he said that he'd call Allison instead when you said that you couldn't skip school for him. That's not cool. He used Allison as a threat to get what he wanted. That alone should have been enough to get you to break up with him. You don't threaten your gf/bf with stupid shit like that.
    Anyway, he's being way too suspicious, I suggest you break up with him and find someone else. Possibly someone who actually lives near you. LDRs tend to not work if both partners aren't equally attached and ready to put huge amounts of effort into communicating. Seems like he simply doesn't give a shit, thus the relationship is doomed to fail (and quite frankly it already has failed imo). Find someone who wants to put just as much effort into it as you do.


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  • Dude he's totally cheating on you. Run.

  • God you remind me my situation...:(

    • Whats yours?

    • kind of the same nut he as already cheating on me with another girl and I found out but he wouldn't admit. And there was obvious signs that they were together. I broke up with him and the next say he told me he missed me but I wouldn't believe him since the day we broke up the girl posted on snapchat "he loves me"

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