How do I win a girl I only flirted once with back?

So, this one girl I saw at a public event had been flirting for a few days via texting until there was a bad misunderstanding.
She was 16 and I'm 19.
She ended it with these words "Maybe our paths will cross again some day" - She lives in a nearby town I often get to go to.
I asked friends of mine whether she was being immature and they said yes.
But her best friend had given me that girl's number before.
I hadn't known her either.
And according to her best friend, she must have remembered my name, which I think means that I must have made an impression on her.
She must have liked me based on my looks I suppose.

I'm thinking about winning her back when she's turned 17 this November, maybe she'll be more ature then. I'll be 20 then. I'll be in college, she'll still be in high school, but the guy is often older than her in a relationship.

I thought about contacting her best friend via Facebook again. I'll be waering a nice suit and have a nice haircut and my best smile in this profile pic I thought? I'll send her this song ( may be too cheesy though )

And i'll tell her all the details I've remembered.

Should I go for it or not?
Can I get more opinions? It's so damn urgent !!!
The misunderstanding was this : I said : Most 16-year-olds can barely open their mouths to talk anyway. She must have thought that I constantly hit on 16-year-olds, I had guessed she was 18 initially ! Before this, she found it a bit weird that I started talking about myself. I didn't tell her anything off putting or anything weird. I'm an extravert !


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  • If you really want her back, you have to be the man and apologize for what went wrong. If she was hurt by you, she'll want to stay away from you for fear of getting hurt again. So man up and tell her you made a mistake.

    Once you've given her some space and have worked on self-improvement, she'll be much closer to wanting you. But now you have to put all the pieces together and let her see what an amazing guy you are and how much fun it is to be around you. Be strategic. Without looking like a stalker, make sure you're hanging out in some of the same places so she can see what a blast it is to be around you.

    • I said something she got totally wrong, and I'll apologize for it of course. ( German is an ambiguous language :( ) And I have planned to give her some space.

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  • Hm, I think the idea itself is cute but don't you think that 4 months is too long? Personally I would think that the guy is probably just coming back because he feels lonely and was like "Oh, there was this girl..".
    Another thing is that she'll probably meet another guy in some months, you know "summer love" and that stuff. :D
    Well it is really risky. Either way she'll be taken, not interested or it'll work out if you're lucky.
    I'd estimate that there is a 25% possibilty it will work. Good luck!

  • Why not? There's nothing stopping you

  • Wait.. So you won't talk to her until November?

    • Maybe I'll try it in July again ! I'll habe my stuff together then !

  • Better luck finding someone your own age. Girls are cunts until they're at least 20.

    • She was great ! She was not immature judging by her hobbies ! And she was my type above all... :(

    • Dude you're 19, plenty of fish in the sea. Unless you want to marry this girl you're wasting your time on pathetic drama.

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  • Go for it dude

    • I thought I'd give her space for a few months. I'm very busy anyway at the moment. I'm getting my drivers license and am arranging all kinds of stuff for college ! But she is just perfect for me ! 5'9, slim, gorgeous grayish blue eyes and dark brown hair ! I'm 6'3 and don't want to ben down all the time !

  • dude It sounds like the immature person is you. You might want to say what the misunderstanding was, what was said between you and her for better advice not just "Maybe our paths will cross again some day" this makes you sound like i'm innocent i did not do anything wrong and that is your mistake. If you want to win her back first make sure she is even interested in you. Don't wait go see her now tell her you want to know what happened between both of you and offer an apology for what you did wrong and see how she reacts if you feel a positive reaction go for it but if its not give her space and give her time hopefully later on she will reconsider but please don't beg.

    • Oh sry man I forgot that. I said : Most 16 year olds can barely open their mouths and talk anyway " She must habe thought I constantly hit on 16 year olds. I'd initially guessed she was 18 though.

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    • And I will not beg. I'm not some inexperienced man-child.

    • I've updated the question. I thought it would make things too complicated if I explained it thoroughly. Plus, we were speaking German and this language is so damn ambiguous ! :/

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