What do you think of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)?

If you don't know what it is (and aren't bothered to Google it), here's two contrasting definitons on Urban dictionary. On the one hand:

"Acronym for "men going their own way." These are men that give corrupt divorce courts the middle finger by not getting married, thus never getting screwed over. Traditionalist men tend to make fun of them, up until the day their ex-wife steals his heart and his money, then MGTOWs get the last laugh."

And on the other:

"A bunch of whiny douchebags who can't get girlfriends because of their blatant hatred of women, but claim it's because they're protesting against the unnamed evils that women routinely commit (see cognitive dissonance).
It's the equivalent of a five-year-old trying hold their breath until they get what they want, only they're being incredibly unclear about what it is that they want and no one cares if they pass out from oxygen deprivation."
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I can see why men would do it. I've spoken about the anti-male bias in divorce many times, and the way most women respond is just ridiculous.

    The first response is usually something along the lines of "if you meet the right girl you don't have to worry about getting divorced". Men marry women they think are the right ones, no man is going to marry a woman if he suspects she might divorce him and take him for all he's got, we aren't retards.

    The second response is usually that you just have to be good to her, yet again plenty of women divorce good men just as I'm sure plenty of men divorce good women. Being a good partner doesn't mean your partner is going to be good to you, good people get shit on all the time.

    And then the third response is usually something about me being a bitter misogynist who can't get laid or got hurt by a woman and now I blame all women, which is bullshit, just a shaming tactic to try to shut me up. I'm in a happy relationship and I have nothing to be bitter about - I'm not married or divorced.

    Very rarely a woman will agree with me, usually because she's seen it happen to a man she's close with.

    So after seeing these responses and the way most women try to shut down the debate with personal attacks and just say "get with the right girl", rather than just saying "yeah it's wrong, I understand, something should be done about it", I can understand why they do it. Imagine if rape was still legal in marriage and women stopped getting married, and men just responded "stop being a whiney bitter douchebag, just choose the right man", would women still get married? No they wouldn't.

    These guys have some weird beliefs about women though e. g. that all they want is money, that they're all man-hating golddiggers who are out to fuck men over. I think the whole thing is weird - I've known I wouldn't get married since I was a kid, I've always known it makes no sense, I don't need a silly name for it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • That's so dumb. Obviously if you go I to marriage expecting to get divorced and for her to take half, then it won't work out because your looking for it to fail.

    • Men don't marry women expecting it to fail, that would be completely retarded. These men come to this conclusion after this has happened to them, not before.

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    • The difference is that marriage has pretty much no benefits for a man at all that a normal relationship doesn't have, yet the risks are there if the woman chooses to use the courts against him, so it's completely pointless. Big difference between that and staying out of the Sun, because in that example you're suffering because you can't go outside, whereas if you're not married the only difference is you don't have a ring on your finger and you haven't spent a ridiculous amount of money on the wedding ceremony, dress, rings etc.

    • @AdamThomas marriage doesn't have a lot of benefits but so don't a lot of things.
      but these people expect that they're doing to make the commitment forever so it's not scary. It's only scary if you intend for it to fail.
      So it doesn't have any benefits but if you plan to be together then it doesn't hurt you
      Also just because your not married doesn't mean your free from the courts

What Guys Said 8

  • Option E - Their response to some feminists going too far, going too far back - Makes for some edifying debate ( sorry idealising again ) - Usually turns into boring hissy fits on both sides.

  • why dont they just opt for pre-nups? That would be my question to them.

    But i can identify on some of their other issues, being married has lots of benefits, but it demasculates men in a lot of ways. You lose a lot of freedom (women do too)

    I personally dont have much interest in marriage, but the realist in me tells me that i will most likely be dragged into it against my will :)

    • Pre-nups can be thrown out if the judge deems it unfair - they're not worth the paper they're written on.

    • @adamthomas

      hmm didn't know that. Seems silly, two people make a contractual agreement and then is later deemed unfair by a judge? Does it really matter if its unfair or not? The other party had the option of not signing it

    • Exactly, but that's the way it goes. Crazy world we live in.

  • I'm a MGTOW. I've noticed the N. A. W. A. L. T.(yness), of some of the commenters... So predictable!
    Well kid me was on to something.
    (I pretend "married" a girl, when I was 4 years old and she changed her behavior and said I was supposed to go to pretend "work", while she played house...) The "red pill" truth can't be hidden forever...
    Namely that females look out for their children and other females. Men are simply a means to her/their ends. His person and desires are irrelevant, unless they serve female interests. Women see us as tools, to be wielded, by the feminine imperative.

  • Well, I certainly wouldn't get married. Marriage is terrible for men and for the few rich women who get screwed over too.

    I think a man would have to be seriously lacking in self-esteem to sign that piece of paper.

    The irony is, if one were to ask a woman, "Would you want a man who would be willing to make an 'investment' that has no possible return but does have a significant risk of serious loss?", the answer would of course be "No, a man like that sounds crazy. I would want a wiser man than that". And such a verdict would be correct!

  • marriage is so 20th century, mgtow is in.

  • Everytime a guy says something about gender equality in dating, childbirth, the courts, he's all of a sudden a woman hater. Helen Smith a woman, says the same things as these MGTOW guys, but I guess she's suffering from self hate because if she's saying it, she obviously hates women right? I have heard women be critical of men also, but I don't paint them as man haters. Everyone has flaws and we need to stop calling people haters for speaking on it.

  • The second you say your vows, she is entitled to everything you have and you are entitled to nothing. Not loyalty, not intimacy, not sex. There is literally nothing stopping them from divorcing you, taking your money, and moving on to the next guy.

  • its silly to me. why unify just to note do something?

    • Attention / loneliness / validation, I suppose.

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