Why won't he ask his parents about visiting?

My boyfriend really loves me, because he cries at the thought of us breaking up. Still, he makes a lot of mistakes which I can sort of attribute to the fact that he has only had one girlfriend before (even though they dated for a year). Anyways, we are apart for the summer. I am taking classes and he his home in another state.

Our goodbye was a mess, he was drunk, then hung over the last day and we hardly got to spend our last night together. I stayed in town just to say goodbye to him too, and my mother came to pick me up the same day he was leaving. He had said I could meet his parents, but ended up practically pushing me out the door 5 minutes before they came. He said I could come say goodbye again, but when I texted him no more then 10 minutes later he had left the area and his parents would turn around. My mom didn't get to meet him and I didn't get to meet his parents.

Because we are apart for four months, I want to visit him. My mom said I couldn't stay with him because I haven't met his parents and they haven't showed any interest in meeting me or having me stay with them. She, however, has offered to have him visit me and even pay for part of the ticket. I put a lot of effort into planning the trip, only to find that he hasn't even asked his parents about visiting. I ask him to almost daily, but he won't. He says they're stubborn about things like that, and he wants to wait for a good time. It has been almost two weeks that I have been asking him to get his parents permission to visit.

Why doesn't he? Does he not want to see me? He really wants to see me, and seems excited about it. He says he's trying to find a day that will work, but I don't understand why he won't get the okay from his parents or even ask his cool coworker about how to request a few days off. I'm really hurt that he has put such little thought into something that means so much to me.


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  • "He says they're stubborn about things like that"<--- guess he's afraid of em... i feel him :-)

    • But it is really important that he just asks. He has been going to games with them and eating dinner with them every night. I don't get why he wouldn't, because it is the difference between seeing each other and not.

What Girls Said 1

  • He is probably too scared to ask


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