How could she do this?

So long story short I dated a single mother for a year we were friends for 2 years before that I love her and her kids but she left me a year ago but that's not what I'm asking about, she left me for a lying cheating thug who has cheated on her multiple times and I was always very good to her any way before we got together she lost custody of the kids to the state and was really trying to get them back and I was helping her but then she left me for this loser but it still seemed she was trying to get them back but he got caught trying to screw a 15 year old and is now been put on the registered sex offender list and is not allowed contact with the children so you would assume my ex would dump him in order to get them back but she instead has gotten engaged to this perve how can she do this she was a good mother she just made a mistake that got them taken away how can I be friends with someone who could do this their father all ready abused and abandoned them and now her? I care very much for this woman and the kids and I can't believe she is choosing him over them it has really upset me I can't speak to her ever again because of his but I still care for her.


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  • You can't help people who don't want it.., the kids deserve better and they are probably safer away from her new guy. Sad story of bad choices.

    • I know they will be safer away from him I'm not worried about them because I know that she will never be givin custody back as long as she's with him. What I don't get is she is their mom how can she give them up for him she is abandoning them how could any parent do this.

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  • Let her learn the hard way, she'll eventually come back.


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