When a guy always tells you he's "too busy"?

I met a guy some weeks ago.
at the beginning we saw wach other at least once a week but the frequency dropped within the past 2 weeks..
he said his work schedule is fucked up so he has to work lots and lots...
and when i asked him when we could see each other, he said "when i'm free".. so i suppose he's never gonna be "free"..
though he told me he really likes me, he wants me to be his girlfriend,...
actually everytime we saw each other it was great. we had an amazing time and i really do miss him..
so what should i do now?

is he not that into me so that i should run?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like me... I work 2 jobs back to back as a hairstylist/bartender.

    I find it sweet sometimes when my girl pays me a short but sweet surprise visit every now and then :)

    • how do you handle your girlfriend situation then?
      i mean do you actually try to make time for her even if its only 30 mins because you really wanna see her?

    • She lives with me but our work schedules allows us to see each other maybe a few hours everyday. Sometimes we never see each other especially on the days I get scheduled to work both jobs back to back.

      When we do something together though, I'm usually passed out when we cuddle on the couch.

      but when I get my paid vacation, we travel every year

Most Helpful Girl

  • Just remember, no one is THAT busy all the time. I understand having a crazy work schedule but when you TRULY are interested in someone, you figure out a way.

    • Liez!!! Busy is working morning and night shifts 70 hours per week trying to pay off the house and bills. :(

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    • i mean the thing is just that he never has time to actually see me. he texts me every day though...

    • Well, go with your gut. If it's telling you that this is what you want and you can deal with this, who am I to tell you better? Lol

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    he doesn't want u then ;-)

  • He's not into you. If I want a girl, I'd climb a mountain to be with her. Even if I didn't want her as a girlfriend, I'd go pretty far out of my way just to get the pussy.


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  • Just keep your distance and wait for him to contact you and ask you out. Be busy go out with friends and stuff and he will come just watch just don't contact him until he contacts you first.


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