Girls, What should I do about him?

So this kid I kind of like asked me out and I said yes (this happened last night) and I changed my status to "in a relationship" and my ex that I STILL have feelings for liked it. And he told my friend he likes someone else but he's always hanging around me. I still like my recent crush but I have feelings for my ex too. And I don't really know my recent boyfriend that well we have never even talked before but he's really sweet. And I kinda think I want to get back with my ex but I don't really know what to do? And do you think he still likes me? Help!😢😨😣
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  • He seems like he might like you, but you broke up for a reason. Now that you're with someone new it can be hard for your ex but it's not fair to your recent guy if you're thinking of dumping him to go back to your ex. If you're going to stay in your current relationship, then just focus on that.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Well, first of al, it's kinda weird that you changed your status to "In a relationship" and you haven't even known the guy, yet.. It's just one day?

    Second, if you have feelings for someone else, don't string along another guy... Your ex is obviously moving on, so should you.

    Good luck.

  • Girl, if the other guy is your ex... he is your ex for a reason. The relationship didn''t work out once, it is not gonna work out the second time. If you have a boyfriend right now you should move on with him. If he likes you and you like him, you should give him and yourself a chance... Also, if you were totally in love with your ex, you shouldn't be thinking about a second person. Which you are. And to end with... you should've waited a little longer to say yes to the recent guy...

  • Did he dump you or did you dump him for what reason did you break up would it be worth ut to get back with him or would it end in desaster all very important questions to ask yourself

    • Well he broke up with me because I got jealous he talked to a girl more than he talked to me :/

    • I'm sorry I've had that happen with a friend and the relasonship ended badly as well I wouldn't even try to go back to your ex if I were you out with the old in with the new but hey that's just my opinion so

    • Okay well thanks anyways

  • if you like them both then don't get with either? sorta simple really. you can't be loyal to them if you like the other

  • Why are you dating someone if you like someone else?

    • Cuz I Like them both

    • Because u dont wanna hurt the other persons feeling if they ask u out

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