Confused about my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four months and he is acting really strange. I know that he's super stressed at work but I need some more attention from him. He usually texts a lot throughout the day and last night specifically said "I'll text you tomorrow". I know he's off of work by now and I still haven't heard from him. Advice so that I don't seem needy?


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  • hmmmm how many hrs does he work? age

    but doesn't he ahve 2 mins 2 text u back? gosh... o_O


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  • text him randomly and tell him you miss him
    hope he's having a good day...
    maybe he doesn't know you miss him. maybe if you let him know he'll make an effort to contact you more :)

    • He definitely knows that I miss him. I let him know specifically last night.

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    • I specifically said I know you're stressed at work and I want to spend more time with you because it will be really good for us.

    • maybe just give him a little time to deal with whatever is going on... he'll come around when he's ready. maybe he needs some alone tim

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  • He texts u from work several times Aday and he is busy. Nice guy


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  • You should just give him some time to deal with his stress first.


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