Keeps using her kid as an excuse to not being able to hang out. Have I been played?

I've recently meet this 25 year old (me 24) single Mom with a 8 year old daughter (who I have not meet or scene yet). We've quickly become friends and been talking on a regular basis over a span of 3 weeks. Texting back and forth me starting some first and even her starting some all casual chit chat. We've hung out together three times over these three weeks, with her suggesting something the 1st. I suggested the 2nd and the 3rd was mutual basically. Plus we've hooked up already (on the third).

Now it feels like shortly after the hook up, she's not the same person. Over the course of about three days, she has slowly stopped texting me first, I have to initial all the conversations. I've been hinting. asking about hanging out again to her numerious times, with some fun outdoor activities showing that I'm not interesting about solely getting in her pants. And she actually responds back kind of promptly but with variations of the excuse "sorry I can't I have my kid tonight" "thanks for asking me anyways" etc. She has told me right away, when I asked her out that she only trusts her sister (who she lives with) and mother to watch her daughter. Also, that her daughter spends the weekends at her mom's house and is usually with her during the week. She has even told me after I asked her out to dinner, that she will ask her mom if she can watch her for the night and told me she couldn't that night. Which I was totally understanding about and appricated her effort. I did comment to her at a later time saying "I'm a patient person but don't take my patience for granted. Not saying you are doing that. I'm just making it clear."

But it has all basically stopped now, I wonder if she just wants space... and I think well how much space does she need and for how long? Do I just let her come to me now? No need to be constanly asking if she is available a certain day, as I'm the type of guy that likes to make plans, but can spontanous at times too.


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  • You can move on, that's perfect.
    Maybe what is making her to take space is when you talked to her about the "patient" stuff.

    • I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not when you say "that's perfect". But I do agree with you on the patient comment I made. I had a feeling that might have come out wrong when I said that and probably shouldn't have said that all together. But hey, no body is perfect here.

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  • Bro, just move on.

    If she really want to hang out with you, she will respond with a counteroffer. If she just refuse without making any counteroffer, then she not really interested in hanging out with you.

    Forget her and start looking for other woman. How much space do she need and how long? All the space she want and permanently. Don't contact her for plan anymore since the ball is on her court now.


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  • Just give her some space!


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