Um.. Is there someone from GaG you want to be with but for some reason. Yo can't?

Is there someone you like a lot from gag but you can't be together?

You our don't gave to tell me their name
  • Yes there is someone from gag I want but can't have
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  • No I don't like anybody from gag
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  • I don't have any romantic feelings for any of the girls on GaG because I am older than most of their fathers.

    • Lol @KDA20 your still a cool asss dude to me regardless of your age... I bet a lot of the girls here like you!😉😎

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  • Yes I want
    Sadly I haven't seen him on here lately

  • To be with? You mean romantically? No, there is not.

  • Greener pastures than GaG. If she lives in X country and I'm in Y, doesn't make ideal logistics for a good relationship.

    • Lol you can't pick and choose who you fall for, it just happens! There's girls at my local mall or in Hollywood and that's 25 mins away but sometimes I'll fall from someone from an entirely different world! It's the simple fact that they're different and bring something new to the table...

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