How to get a girl alone or away from her friends?

I'm under the impression this girl likes me. I could be wrong. But she is always surrounded by friends. I'm tempted to just grab her and pull her away so I can say hi. She gets hit on a lot but she is always rejecting guys. So I just want to have a simple conversation with her at very least. Any ideas? We work together but in very different parts of the building.


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  • Pass her a note in class asking her to meet you somewhere afterwards

    • oh... this is interesting.. We actually work in the same building... But it feels like im in school again. Thanks

    • Oh sorry haha, just go up to her and start talking then

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  • Yeah just be straight forwards about it and pull her away from her friends asking her if you can talk to her alone


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  • Just talk to her people over think stuff way to much.

  • Have you taken her out on dates?

    • No. I don't want to ask her out in front of our friends and in public too. But if I have too... I might

    • So you two work in the same office building?

    • no... it's a factory for mattresses. I work with wood and fabric... and she sews.

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