If you are girl like this, how should I ask you out?

You are looking at me a lot. If I'm in front of you, you have a big smile. We've never said a word to each other. At times you look embarassed when I look at you while talking to a guy friend. If it's just us two, you take out the cell phone and start talking or texting or something. Tall strong guys are always hitting on you but you reject them. Also a more nice, conservative girl in appearance at least.


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  • What is the setting your in is it school work what is it?

    • We work in the same building. I mostly see her on our breaks. We work in opposite parts of a factory. Today she was in my part for a minute. Caught me off guard. She turned red when she saw me and took off.

    • Okay well it's obvious you both are attracted next time you see her on break introduce yourself (:

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