Is it my turn to ask him on a date?

We've been in a couple of dates and it was all his invitations.

Should I invite him now? Also guys, if youve done all the initiation for a date and the girl doesn't invite you, how does that make you feel? Will you think she's not interested to meet you?


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  • A little initiation wouldn't hurt.

    • I really want but my assumptions is a big hurdle. I feel like he's always busy so i just wait for him to invite me.

    • Tell him your availability and ask him if he's available those days as well to do something. At least make it a two way effort you know and as guys, we would really appreciate that

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, do it! Shows interest and willingness to put forth effort into the relationship.

    • Thanks! Im working on it but we are not exclusive.

    • No problem, and that's okay, same effect. Willing to initiate and stuff, it's a good sign.

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  • Yeah, just ask him


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