Boyfriend who keeps putting people before girlfriend. Keep or dump?

He keeps saying he doesn't know he is doing anything wrong because he doesn't know how to treat a girlfriend since he has basically been a loner for his whole life and so doesn't know what is right or wrong. So time and time again he does stuff that hurts me and says that as his excuse which i have accepted but now I am thinking when will it end

Dump or keep? Its been 3 years and i have been hurt emotionally for 3 years constantly. But there have been good times too.
He has tried to change and he really has proven he loves me but he keeps doing mistakes. Thats y i have been here for 3 years giving him chances after chances. It seems he has tried be its not working. If i leave will I be too mean?


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  • I would say there are 2 options:
    1. Dump
    2. Keep but start talking to him mate - You need to tell him that a girlfriend means being together and first of all care each other etc, so in this opinion "put him in the right spot!"

    You can consider both opinions and if you want further help i'm always here to help,
    Hopefully I helped,

    • I did do number 2 already but he had done it again and again. For example i hate his 2 cousins (they done some big damage on me before) and they out of nowhere wanted him to invite them to his graduation which i am graduating at too. They didn't even invite him to their graduation lets put it at that. He wasn't going to invite them before and now asked me if he should invite them since they asked. I told him if he does then i won't want to see them at graduation and then he says he will invite them still. Even after i reminded him how much i hated them.

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  • sorry to hear about what you have been through during 3 years..! i would say dump him.. you can't stay with someone who hurts your feelings like that... you deserve to be happy and be with someone who really loves you and has time for you


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  • I'd say dump him. He needs to learn from his mistakes.


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  • Let this one go. If he has no sense of common decency now (and even loners tend to have), then he never will.

    Quite frankly, I'm surprised you hung on this long. I most certainly would not have done.

  • If in 3 years he hasn't learned anything - and you have made him aware of the things he did wrong but he still hasn't made an effort to change - then I guess leave him.

  • Maybe he's the humanitarian type people pleaser. It's just him and you can't change that. If you're not on the same vibe and communication leave.


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