Urgent advice needed! Boyfriend issues?

Long story short, my boyfriend accused me of cheating a month ago, i proved him wrong but he still made a mountain out of a mole hill and made me look like a horrible person, we sorted it all out, but last night I found out that 3 days before he accused me, he started talking to another girl saying that he was going to end it with me, she's perfect and our relationship is a disaster and all this, he told her he ended it with me, and when she said she wanted to talk to me before anything happened tween them, he wouldn't let her (she's a distant friend of mine) she said that when we sorted it all out he did say to her that he loves me and he can't go on with out me, and he's been begging me not to end it with him, he wants to fix it and make a life with me because I'm pregnant, although he didn't cheat on me it seems that if she agreed he would of been happy to. Do I trust him and let this go (not letting him off lightly obviously) or do I end it? Will he do it again if he gets the chance?


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  • your pregnant, what month

    if you break up, would you want to keep the baby and be a single mom

    does your family support you

    what do you expect from your future

    what ever you decide, it will have a huge impact on your life!
    good luck!

    • I know, that's what makes it so hard :/ I'm nearly 4 months, yeah my family are supportive, I'd be fine without him, i just don't know whether to give him a second chance or not, as he didn't actually cheat and it was all over within a week, he says that they both thought they liked eachother but they didn't, but do you think he's likely to do it again as he's done it once? Or has he genuinely made a mistake and won't do it again?

    • he is the father of your baby, at least in my country, abortion is only legal within the first 12 weeks.
      so in my opinion, i would give him a chance because i think a child should have a father.
      if it works out, you win much more that you can loose if you triy it, but it doesn't work out (compared to when you ditch him right away)

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  • He obviously wants this other girl. Having decided that, he then wrongly accuses you of cheating so that you will be hurt and that you will leave him, making him look like the good guy.
    I think this guy wants it both ways. He wants you and her.
    I think you could talk to her if you want to. He can't stop you! Don't be fobbed off with excuses.
    If a guy can treat you like this, he's not a decent guy, and I have my doubts that he is the right guy for you.

    Only you can decide what to do. Whether to stick with a guy that plays mind games or find a decent guy who is confident in himself who won't.

  • Yo if 2 people love each other they find a way 😊


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  • So the only reason he accused you was because he himself was participating in the process of cheating himself, and started to feel guilty, so it was lashed out to you. I'd dump on the spot

    • I think him accusing me was to give him a reason to end it, not because he was feeling guilty :/

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    • He said he thought he liked her but when he realised that he didn't he stopped it, she said the same thing to me, but I k ow that doesn't make it okay, do you think he'll do it again if he gets the chance?

    • he stopped it because he got caught, and yes I do, everyone deserves a second chance but when it comes to cheating not a chance

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