Is she still interested in me? (2 dates, but starting to cut me off in conversations)?

Im a guy. So I got to know this girl and she was really in to me, she was pursuing me a lot (I was pursuing her too, but to a lesser extent compared to she pursuing me). We always have engaging conversations. So after a few weeks I asked her on a date and she easily accepted it. After the date I followed up with a message and she replied back and said she had a great time also.

After that, similar pattern continued, but she started pursuing me less (I started pursuing more) and she sometimes ends our conversations abruptly, sometimes chatting for a long time. She still kept dropping hints for a second date. After a while I asked her out on a 2nd date and she accepted. During our 2nd date she was still paying attention to me, but during the date she spent more than half of the time on her phone (on the 1st date, she almost never looked at her phone). When I dropped her home that night, she messaged me an hour later and asked if I reached home, and said thanks for today. I replied and said I had a good time also etc..

So now, after 2 dates, we both continued messaging each other but now it seems like she has stopped pursuing me or starting any conversations. Now all the time I am the one starting the conversations and pursuing her. Now, all our conversations starts off very positively and well (as usual), and she replies back very fast, but soon after 5 mins or so, she'll end the conversation abruptly. So I'll contact her again in a few days, and the same pattern happens -- we'll have a good chat, but then she'll end the conversation abruptly and ignore me after about 5 mins. This happened like 6-7 times over the past month.

My reasoning is if she was not interested in me, she would not bother to reply fast and positively 6-7 times, and just completely ignore me or reply back few days later. But she keeps replying back to my messsages fast, but she always cuts me off after a few mins.

What is behind a girl's thinking in doing this? Is she still interested in me?


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  • Sounds like she decided you two weren't as compatible as she thought you were originally. I'd write this one off, personally. Cell phone on second date, nope. Red flag.


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  • IF you like this girl then back off man... Let her miss you. Girls love playing games, so dont fall for it... I hate when girls play games and when they do I play it 10x better. Not into that BS


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  • She was on the phone half the time!!! Dude.. Forget her. Get out of there bro! Emotionally detach and find someone else, you don't want her anyways!

  • Look about coach corey it will change your life man !! And read the book he's am expert the phone is for setting dates ask her out man !!!

  • Because she need some energy to talk with you so give a free meal or give her your all ATM cards then she will chat with you.
    Good luck
    What man grow up, just dump her


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