What to do, please help?

Hey guys and girls, I'm 15 old boy and I am studying in the best school in mu country. I am in love with a beautiful smart brunette girl. 5-6 months ago we went out, but you know I was strange and not myself, I was a little scared by the reality of the "date". She then understood my feelings herself. Maybe I have been a little boring to her, but you already know: love is love. 2 months ago she found her boyfriend. Nice. So I don't know what happened to him until now, but I am not going to stop here. I have been in love with her about 9 months. What to do? I am not good in laughing someone. Already searched every site in the big Google, I have no idea how to proceed. Ideas? Whatever you thing, it would be the best if you just write it here.

P. S. Sorry for the possible mistakes.
Thank you all!


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  • You just need to move on my friend.


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