On a date with a guy I know will insist on paying- should I offer to pay anyway or just say thanks? What do guys perfer?

I'm seeing this guy sort of casually and when we've been out he's always insisted on paying. Barely the opportunity for me to even offer and straight away he insists and would never accept.
I feel a bit dumb taking out my purse when we both know he's going to pay either way (I wouldn't mind if he accepted fyi), but I feel disrespectful if I don't even reach for the cheque or take out my purse to offer.
I dated a guy like this before and after a while I just said thanks after, but we were together for 4 years and occasionally I organised things for us both too.
What's the common etiquette in this? And what do guys perfer?


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  • I always pay, but its nice to have them offer. Its annoying when they assume I'll pay for everything


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  • personally i prefer each their own 8)

    "etiquette"? wot's dat man? o_O


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