Dating a shy guy for 2 months, but we barely talk?

I've been seeing this shy guy for 2 months, he asked me out but never said anything about being his girlfriend. It wasn't until a few weeks in when i met some of his friends, he introduced me as his girlfriend. But the thing is, we're each other's first relationship and i can't tell if he is extremely clueless or if he isn't interested anymore. We usually see each other once a week due to busy schedules, but the thing that has thrown me off since the first day i met him is the lack of communication on his part.

We met 7 months ago, and he liked me for a while. Even though he had my # and me on fb, i never really heard from him so it was usually me that would contact him. It was quite confusing since it seemed like he didn't like me, but when we met up once a week it was quite obvious as he would say hi/smile, offer only me a ride home, and he kissed me at a party. Even though he asked me out, it still feels like we're in that stage before he asked me. What do i do? Is this normal for a shy/introverted guy or is he cluess or uninterested?


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  • Looks like he is just super shy, but certainly not uninterested. Looks like you need to take the lead here, until he feels comfortable enough to open up and communicate freely. If you are still interested in him, that is.

    P. S. I used to be REALLY shy myself, not too long ago.


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  • Talk to him about it.


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  • This is all about communication. The more you all communicate the better it will be. Tell him you all need to communicate more about your relationship and what you want to be more clear about.


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