Should I go for this girl before it's too late?

I've been casually dating this one girl at college since the fall. We're each seeing someone else long-distance, but neither of our "others" are around much, so we spend a lot of time together and we act like they don't exist. Communication has always been great. Sometimes we go through phases where we avoid each other (often due to work) and don't talk but we always end up back hanging out together within a short amount of days.

We've also never DTR'd our thing either, just continue to let it play out, though it's never been too serious (we've never kissed or anything). We kinda keep our thing separate from our respective friend groups too. Anyway, I'm graduating in a few weeks and I find myself showing her more affection than I thought I would to the point that it's surprising me.

We finally finished exams last night and went out together and she was so adorably nervous. She kept playing with her coffee straw for the longest time while flashing me these adorable smiles behind the cup. And then she was fidgeting with her necklace and teasing me, all while I'm (in subtext) basically telling her how amazing a person she is. She was tired and yawning and kept apologizing and I kept telling her that she doesn't have to and that it means a lot that she's spending time with me even if she's that tired. Right before we said good-bye, her eyes seemed really watery and I couldn't tell if she was falling asleep or on the verge of crying.

I have weeks left and then I don't know when I'll see her again. I want to ask her out again but I don't want to seem desperate. What should I do? I could try and go for her all the way but we'd then end up just saying good-bye... but I want to do something so she'll remember me... I also don't want to drop my "other" and commit to her if I'm not 100% sure she'll do the same...

any advice is appreciated...


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  • Hello, I may not be an expert but from where I stand it seems you really care for this girl... And honestly if you wanna go for it, you should! From what it sounds she seems very interested, and I know how hard a long distance relationship is, I was in one for 2 years. But I feel like you should go for this girl! If your on a website asking people what to do, you probably should go for it, she's most likely worth it! Anyway, I'm sorry for babbling but that's what I think (: Good luck!


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  • Best option is to have the awkward "I like you - do you like me back" conversation and do the DTR thing. Nothing else for it really.


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