Should I ask her out on a date?

I've been seeing a girl for over 3 years now we have had eye contact moments and I see her staring at me some times and once she even came up to me and stood right next to me and I just moved out the way because I was shy.. does this mean she likes me or is she just messing around?


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  • It's really hard to say. Could be attracted or maybe it's innocent and you are reading too much into it. I wouldn't ask her out yet. (I wouldn't want to go out with some guy who just approached me without us having talked at all, and me knowing nothing about him.) Start with conversation. If it goes really well, consider asking her out. If you think it went well, but you aren't sure, follow it up with another conversation or two. You may hit it off, or you may not like each other at all. Save yourself the cost of dinner if she turns out to be someone you really don't like. At this point, at best, all you have is a physical attraction. Not enough (to me) for a date. See if you can talk to each other and still find the other interesting.


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  • The first conversation you had with this girl, how did she react.

    • Well... we have never talked to each other before in an actual convo

      today I saw her staring at me again but that may be normal for a girl to do?

      and to be honest a lot of girls stare at me in a sexual way ^^ but not in a way they think I'm wierd, smell or ugly, also I think I'm quite good looking :)

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    • If you can't talk with her in private, talk with her in public. Find a plausible reason and go in. Get into the habit of finding reasons to talk to women, don't wait around.

      P.S.: Shyness is a habit. Break it.

    • Eh, I got a new haircut and now it seems she has no intrest in me :/ guess ill wait till my hair grows and looks just right for her -.-

      She likes medium hair and I have short, what a bitch...