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I'so there is this guy who always talks to me. He sits in front of me in English , and he just looks back and kinda stares, but it's not awkward. I've known him for years, and we're friends. He will just start a conversation about anything, like today in tech Ed. He was sitting in front of me then turned around, grabbed my eraser, and atarted to "erase" my arm. THEN he goes "you have really hairy arms why don't you shave them" (btw I kinda do...). I was about to cuss at him but I then realized it wasn't worth it. He's really making me mad because then he said "models and stuff shave their arms" and I almost flipped over the desk. It was so frustrating and I don't know where it came from, just out of the blue. I don't really like him but I want to know. Also, any advice on the arm problem?


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  • "THEN he goes "you have really hairy arms why don't you shave them" (btw I kinda do...)" <--- fuck... wot a rude dude... better nto insist

    anyway... bout arms... try laser hair removal... better results :-)

    • Thanks! And I know he was being a dick but I don't know why...

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  • He might like you I'm not sure. But that was really rude of him. Tell him to either accept your arm hair or GTFO. Don't shave your arms especially for a dude. It will just make it thicker anyway. If the hair is bothering you, you can get it waxed. However I just leave my arm hair because after spending time in the sun, it turns blonde

    • Haha thanks!! I'll prob just leave it there bc I really don't give a fuck what he says I just wanted to know😂

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  • Laugh it off. Many people don't even have a toilet to shift in so why worry about this


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