How do I deal with anxiety/depression while getting to know a potential new boyfriend?

Having mental health issues can be overwhelming at times and can make getting to know people difficult, especially someone you are interested in dating. I've had anxiety/depression for a long time, however, I'm struggling with not being on medication anymore and being in medical school. I'm currently on medical leave and have met a cool guy recently - we didn't meet from mutual friends so, we are in the process of getting to figure out what common interests we have. Problem for me is I'm kind of hot and cold with him as far as being really talkative and engaging but when we get close, I freak out inside. I kissed him the other night out of nowhere and it was great - it took all the guts I had at the time but I feel like I'm too nervous when he has tried to recipricate and has called me out on it. Am I supposed to explain my struggles? Is it too much information and too much too soon? I'm afraid I'm going to push him to the point where he just backs off because I'm being too confusing.


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  • Having mental health issues can be overwhelming

    • thanks for MHO

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  • Awww I'm sorry about your situation. I would explain to him about it. And also try seeking help and tell him that you are to.

  • you should see a counselor.

    • I'm not longer under health insurance which is why I had to stop my medication so, I'm kinda screwed at this point :\

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