Am I desperate dater?

The guy I like i did not like when we first met I just thought he was a drunk. Well 6 months later my friend said he still talks about you all the time. We texted and it went well but now I don't text him cause I unintentionally blew him off becuase I was super stressed. At the time I was like thank god I have an excuse for not talking to him. Now that im kinda afraid to text him since I blew him off I feel like i have got to at least tell him how i feel and see if he even responds. The guy has a few things i wish he didn't do, but i won't to see how feel about him for sure before i move on. Everyone says he is trouble but yet they liked him enough to give me his number a month ago. I have literally never had so much fun since that we all had the night we first met even though i though he was a drunk... I feel like i should be with him.. but im not sure if im feeling like this from desperation or if i do like him? Am i desperate or is something in my gut telling me to try?


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  • Say hello, See what happens...
    There is no harm in getting back in touch


What Girls Said 1

  • Just go for it! Stop over thinking everything.


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