The guy was keen to hang out with u fr the first date but?

He told you that he ran out of money due to soem expnese he had to go through over the weekend therefore he barely has money to go out with u. What do u say to him

This is a guy i met over a month ago and he seem interested to hang out but until now we could arrange the date but now he came up with this. I really starte to like him and i wanted to get to know him better at least in theh first date but he now told me that. We are bont in ur 40´s
now he tells me he calls me tomorrow around noon to see what w are going to do. He and I do not live close I have to admit but I assume as a man he wotn care to pick me up cause it is the first date. We were suppose to go to the movies to see a movie he picked up like 4 weeks ago but I believe the movie is off the movie screen alrady around my city.
I think there is somethign he does not want to tell me or that somethign happened between yesterday and today that he ran out of money, because wen he told me yesterday to confirm our date today to go out tomorrow he would have told me yesterday that he had no money or something but he never did


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  • you dont need money to hang out and get to know someone you can just chill at the park or walk around the mall, lots of things you can do that dont take money.

    • But why the sudden change? Is he maybe thinking that as a man he needs to invite me for all? I mean we are not even a couple just friends who starting to get to know each other or he is playing with me? I dont have a car but also it seems is lazy to come all the way from his house to mine to pick me up. I mean we do not live close that is true but plizz is not that I live 2 hours from his house it an take like 45 minute sto his house to mine if he knows to take the right route.. He lives in the same city where my sister lives and I do admit my sister sometimes do not commute to visti mom an dme beuae of tehe traffic or she is lazy. But a man to tell that to a woman wh suppose on the first get together tells her that'? I dont know why his behavor now after all this time he had never really had told me he want to cancel any get together. I dont understand his reaction I mean we can go to a cheaper place that I dont mind if tha ti sthe case it is jst to spend a good time with him

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    • Sounds like to me your wasting your time with this guy, First date and he won't even pick you up this guy sounds like a loser, Move on and find you a better man.

    • Im just clarifying we are not dating he is not my partner or my boyfriend, we are treating each other as only friends cause tha is what we are and w aare just getting to know each other.

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