The only time a confident guy with a great personality benefits in the dating game is when he's physically appealing and/or has money?

I often hear people on here say "Looks will get you in the door, but personality will go a long way." I think looks matter more because you CAN'T get in the door without them unless you have money or one of those rarest of the rare occasions where a guy crosses path with a woman that doesn't care about looks at all which is a super ultra rare occasion.


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  • An average guy who's confident, has a good personality, and a decent job will do alright dating.

    I wonder if you realize, but this looks thing is the same for girls, except kinda worse, because no money, charisma, status, personality, or anything else makes up for a lack of looks. If a guy doesn't find you physically attractive, you're out of luck. He won't even bother trying to get through some door with you.

    You guys should be happier that you have all these other qualities women look for that can compensate for each other and add points in the dating game. For women, everything else is peripheral to looks. You can be the nicest, sweetest woman on earth, with a good job, whatever, and guys still won't be into you if you're not physically appealing.

    • The same with women... Guys are more willing to admit that they are shallow more so than women.

    • Well, fact is, we can't afford to be as focused on looks as guys are. If you want all these other qualities in a man, you have to compromise in places - can't have it all.

    • *unless you're bombshell hot/absolutely gorgeous, in which case you can probably get a guy who has it all. Most women are not, though.

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  • Couldn't agree with you more! No matter how much women deny it, looks, money or both are definitely essential for a man to be be successful at dating. otherwise, he is out of luck, even if he has the most amazing personality in the world.

    • I agree with your comment too spot on.

    • The very reason why I don't even try approaching women. My looks are average, and I don't have that kind of money as well! :P

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  • Obviously if you don't have looks you won't be able to open the door, no one wants to be with someone they find unattractive, but everyone has their own opinion on what they find attractive and what not.
    Money will only open the door of the worst kind of women, so honestly, it isn't that much of an advantage :S


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