Where did this lie about hot women dating ugly guys being a common occurrence come from?

If you see a ugly guy with a hot woman, there's a 99.9% chance he has money. The other 0.1% is because a woman doesn't care about looks which is a extremely rare circumstance.


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  • Yeah women is all about money so it isn't normal for a hot girl to date ugly guys if they are broke. Aww. Women are just so shallow coz they are always about the looks and money. Okay? Now are you happy?

    • Didn't say that but 9 times out of ten, a woman isn't going to date someone that's unattractive and/or broke.

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    • I can at least admit I have some shallowness instead of some "It's all about personality" B. S. for the sake of being politically correct at all costs.

    • Yeah? And now from shallow someone got into becoming judgmental. Everyone has their shallowness, but I'm not as shallow as some people here are

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  • Seeing as hot/ugly is subjective and some people might see it MORE in their reality than others, it's NOT a lie.

    You just have to dissect the sense from it.

    The "hot" woman might think that "ugly" guy is hot as hell. That "ugly" guy could think the "hot" woman is ugly herself and still likes her personality. Many ways to go about this.


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