Best way to go about this huge deception.. help anyone?

Ok s i met abe from Jordan about three months ago, he is the sweetest and he met my whole famili which loves him. We started kinda living together then he tells me he is on a tourist visa and he has to go, so im crushed. I offered to help him, but its a process. Anyway, his brother told me their cousin has been staying with him and he wants abe to keep her until the 20th when she leaves, in the meantime i can't sleep there. So abe tell me, "i want you to meet her, so she can talk to my mom in jordan about accepting you, becayse my family is really close minded". Of course i agreed, me and lina hit it off from the bat, we hang out together, go shopping, etc ... So 3 days ago, i tought to myself "ok, she's leaving so im gonna add her on facebook to keep in touch with her. Well, well, well.. come to find out that all she has on there are pictures of her, her 3daughters, and him, yes.. abe. They are hugging, he's comments "i love you, my love", she has a lot of pics as old as 2011 with him. She also stated my husband on ne of them.

So im crushed, she is in this as well, she sees him kissing me and she acts very normal. So what i did is i haven't told them that i know that they are married. But i wanted to hurt her, so i went and i told her i might be pregnant with abe's baby, omg her face was priceless! . Anyways, since that day i haven't heard from her, but i have heard from him, its evident that they had a huge argument. But he has been a little distant with me. I went to immigration and there's nothing they can do as far as fraud because he hasn't married me. So what should i do, should i confront them both together or play along till the 27th when he leaves, and drop the bomb on his ass that i knew all along? I have printed all their pics together. Im very hurt and my first tought was to kill them both, but i like my freedom! Lol?
Let me add that before i knew he had to go we had planned on gettng married, i had my dress and everything.


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  • You should walk away like a mature adult. You are 27 and you still act childish


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