How to add someone you don't know well on FAcebook?

There is a guy that I've seen from time to time where I work. He is a customer there.
I don't work there very often, but it happens that I see him almost every time when I am there. Last time he had a request and I dealt with it.

I would like to add him, since I know his hame, but I don't know if its appropriate. we are around the same age.
I am just a little shy and fear that he might ignore it (do not fear if he rejects it and tells me no).
But it might be a bit surprising for him, especially because I work there and he might see me in the future (I will probably quit soon).

Do you think I should send an email?
I've been thinking about it for a long time, but never had the courage to do it.
Should I write him something as well while sending the request? Some people don't accept requests if they don't have the context?


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  • you go to his page, you click on the 'add friend' button and wait for him to accept. thats it basically.


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