Why do men always leave me?

In the last 7 month i had 2 relationships with men who left me.
First one left me after 2 month, even before our first sex. He was sweet but a little dominant with me, when we agreed to meet in my house to spend weekend and have sexy time, he never came. he deleted all my contacts and even blocked me in social media. no idea what happened.
Im not clingy at all, so i tried to forget it.
The second one broke my heard last week. Im still in love with him. we were together for nearly 5 months.
It was perfect, we were bonding he actually helped me to feel better after first guy being an asshole to me. he was everything. He understands me, he said he loved me. He's one of those with whom you can talk whole night or have sex whole night. We were planing to spend summer holidays. And suddenly he stopped to anwer my calls, blocked my fb. I dont understand what's going on.
I don't want to go to his house and talk or whatever, its so creepy to do that.

Oh and im not sleeping around or have friends with benefits. I take all relationships serious (just in case)


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  • It almost sounds like they are discovering something about you that completely changes the way that they feel, like if a guy started looking online and found out hat his girlfriend had previously been arrested for child abuse or prostitution. What do you think is happening? Is there anyone who might be spreading bad information about you?

    • Damn, well im normal personal from nice family. im kind, im a lawyer.
      I dont know. Like suddenly not interested? but how is it posible all of a sudden.

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    • No. we dont even have friends in common

    • I don't think anyone online will be able to help. Sorry!

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  • Some of us seem to attract the broken ones. I have the same problem as you. I just recently went through the same thing. I tend to ignore or gloss over the red flags. I fell hard for this guy. He had problems, he was an alcoholic, abused as a child, he can't love anyone. He seemed perfect, said all the right things, but moved very fast. As soon as I started to feel the same way, he changed, and ran. Broken commitment phobes seem to be everywhere.

    • But they seemed nice guys. well the first one was a little too muchof a macho man. But the second one was perfect to me

    • They usually are nice guys. The guy I'm talking about did a lot of things for me. He was very sweet, attentive, all that. The red flags... he said he loved me after less than a week, and he kept me separate from the rest of his life.

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  • A decent human being would give you an explanation, at least. I think, you were dating the wrong guys.

    In the case of the first guy, 2 month is a long time going sexless. He probably dated someone in the meantime, and chose her over you.

    • And the second guy?

    • How could I even know if they are wrong or right guys for me?

    • I don't know, why the second guy did that. It is really weird, someone normally would break up with you first, before they block you on fcebook. That's why I think, they weren't decent guys.

      "How could I even know if they are wrong or right guys for me?"
      You should be able to figure out their character, If you date someone for month. I think you are bad at reading the sings. You didn't notice, when things went wrong :/

  • That information you gave us is not enough for us the help, all i can say is don't give up

    • There is nothing more to add actually. Like its that weird as it sounds really, thats why its confusing.
      We didn't have fights or negative moments, nothing

  • I don't know the answer to your question. I need more information. But I will ask you review your behavior towards those guys...


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  • If they take weed... let me bet they are cheating on you.

    • Is this supposed to be a joke?

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    • I think they were playing you or at least you thought they were into you. Maybe they found they didn't have anything in common beyond sex. So therefore the dump.

    • Brauiocristo - MYOB

  • I think you choose the wrong men

    • And how, in your opinion im supposed to chose the right one

      the last one was perfect for me.

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